Red Jack and the Ragged Thirteen

Book Release

We’re pleased to announce the release of our new hardback book: Outlaw, The Story of Joe Flick by Greg Barron.

Joe Flick was both victim and killer, a young man caught between two worlds. His story stretches from outback New South Wales to lawless Burketown, from Hodgson Downs Station in the Territory to drab Fannie Bay Prison. The final scenes, set against the backdrop of picturesque Lawn Hill Station, are both thought provoking and violent. It’s a book to be devoured, a frontier parable, and a must-read for all Australians.

About the book:

When anthropologist Robert Morris arrives at the old Doomadgee Mission, at Bayley Point near Burketown in 1934, he’s intent on learning local languages and customs. One very old woman living there, he discovers, was originally from outback New South Wales, and is something of an outcast amongst the Waanyi and Gangalidda locals.
On delving deeper, Morris discovers that the old woman was the ‘wife’ of a white stockman for more than thirty years in the frontier days, and claims to be the mother of one of the north’s most notorious outlaws. Determined to record the facts of her son’s crimes from her perspective, he sits with her each afternoon.
This is the story she told …

Click on the main link to get your hardback copy delivered to your door (featuring Yvonne Bauer’s Competition-winning cover), or grab the ebook at If you’d prefer, ask for it at your local library or bookshop. If they don’t have it they can order it in.